Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Political Economy and the outlook for capitalism (Paris): Economics and Prejudices

"Political Economy and the outlook for capitalism" is the title of the conference, which will be held between the 5th to 7th 2012 in Paris. The conference will be organized by
  • French Association of Political Economy (FAPE)
  • Association for Heterodox Economics (AHE)
  • International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE)
  • Groupement de Recherche Européen « Monnaie Banque Finance »
  • Groupement de recherche international Développement des Recherches Économiques Euro-Méditerranéennes (DREEM) and
  • l’Association pour le Développement des Etudes Keynésiennes (ADEK)
I will take part in the conference and speak about the topic "Economics and Prejudices". The follwing abstract would give you a short impression.
Economics and Prejudices (abstract): Most economic theories contain an idea of man, where people are rational and maximise their utility as well as avoid the hardship of labour. It is only a small step from such negative idea of man to the stereotypes of the welfare queen or the deadbeat dad. On the base of what Wilhelm Heitmeyer called “group-focused enmity”, this article tries to discuss to what extent discriminatory prejudices exist within the history of economic thoughts and in which way economic recommendations are related to negative stereotypes against poor people. [JEL: A12, A13, B00, B12, J30, Z10, Z13.]

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