Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

Evolutionary Thinking

Since the 80′s of the 20′s century, a new economic discipline became more and more established. It’s name: Evolutionary Economics. This is associated with the work of scientists such as Richard R. Nelson, Sidney G. Winter, Ulrich Witt, Carsten Hermann-Pillath and Geoffrey M. Hodgson. However, the roots could be traced back to masterminds such as Thorstein Veblen, who has raised the question “Why is Economics Not an Evolutionary Science?” in 1898.

Today Evolutionary Economics is a very heterogeneous discipline, which is confronted with the “evolutionary” terms used by the opposing main stream of the economic science. This raises the question for the characteristics of evolutionary thinking. Especially in the light of the long history of scientific engagement in the change of culture and society: What is “evolutionary thinking”? What are the main differences to other economic disciplines? What’s the common ground with other disciplines such as sociology, philosophy and social anthropology, which constitutes multidisciplinarity?